Conceptual Portrait Photographer, London Photography, Alan Lim

The Art Director, Photographer, & Designer

Not too long ago I was commissioned by a client to do conceptual people photography. The job required me to art direct and photograph a campaign for a play in London. After several months of discussion and conceptualisation, the shoot finally took place and off I was flown to the capital of England.

The shoot involved some extensive co-ordination because the entire team was made up of talents from different parts of the world,  three prolific stage actresses from three different countries, Finland, England, and America, video crew and makeup artists from Italy, and myself a Photographer from Singapore. The shoot took two days in a studio once used to be a train station, the three actresses were photographed against a white background, the concept was to digitally stripped in a background and then passed down to a designer to create a vintage looking poster, booklet and billboard.

After the shoot had completed, back to Singapore and intensive post production work began. First it was hunting, a lot of legworks were put in to hunt for samples from different places and to photograph them. Second, back in the workstation, digitally reconstruction, mixing nature and metal to create make-believe elements as parts of the concept.

After a month or so the final collection of work was completed and was delivered to the client. The client was very happy with the result and he decided he wanted me complete the entire visual, meaning to design the poster, booklet and billboard as well. The reason for his decision was simple, I was the creator of the dish, I knew the flavour better than anyone else. Although I knew there would be a lot of eye damaging in front of the computer but I agreed to take up job further, and the final result was most satisfying.