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Ha Giang, North Vietnam’s Final Frontier

Ha Giang, the final frontier in North Vietnam. 291km from Hanoi, it is the northernmost point of the country. Its land is filled with mountains and forests. It shares a border with the southern China’s province Yunnan which stretch 270km long from east to west. With a population estimated about 705,000, Ha Giang belongs to various ethnic minorities, such as Kinh, H’mong, Tay, Dao, Nung and Lo Lo. There are also two very rare ethnic groups, Pupeo and Phula, with population of less than 400 each. According to my guide occasionally girls from Ha Giang were kidnapped by the Chinese across the border and never be found.

Ha Giang’s main economic activity has been revolved around agriculture and forestry, but in recent years infrastructure has been improved in attempts to establish a manufacturing industry.

Despite being one of the poorest provinces of Vietnam, there was not once I was asked for money after I had photographed someone, unlike some other places I have visited. The people of Ha Giang are extremely friendly and welcoming but shy, due to the lack of encounter with the outsider.