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Singapore ArtScience Museum | Street Photography

Two shows I went for today at the Singapore ArtScience Museum. First was Da Vinci: Shaping The Future, second was Art and Science of Photography. Of course the first show was great, sorry I mean mind blowing. Even though we all know Da Vinci was a genius who was ahead of his time more than 500 years ago, and no matter how many times you have seen his exhibitions it is always amazing. And also his exhibitions have always been very well curated. Whether you are a fan or not, you should definitely go watch it.

For the second show it was just ok, I was quite disappointed actually, especially when I found out one of the featured photographers in the exhibition was misrepresenting himself in his written bio. I know it for fact because the organization he mentioned he had “worked for years” in his bio was the same one which I had worked for years, but I have never heard and seen his name. I strongly do not think anyone should do such things, it might take you to somewhere in the beginning but this internet world is small and connected, once the truth is revealed you might end up in nowhere at all.

Many years ago, a friend of mine wanted to be a professional photographer and there was a some jobs which he wanted to pitch for. He was new, his skill was not ready to produce certain kind of work and he did not have any good work to show to his client yet. So, he called me up and asked if he could borrow my portfolio. Did I be a good friend and lend it to him to help him? If I did, what would happen if he got the job but could not deliver the goods because he was not skilful and experience enough to do so? If I did, what would happen if the clients got so mad that he was a fake and spread the words in this tiny circle then no one would work with him anymore?  So I did, I be a good friend and did not lend him, I told him he should not do that because I did not want to kill his career before he even had one. Instead, I taught him and shared my knowledge with him, so he learned and practised, although it took some time and sweat but eventually he built a portfolio which he was proud to call it his own, and confident to present it every time. Today he is still a working photographer in Singapore. So, be a good friend do the right thing, and advise your friend to do so.

Anyway, like Da Vinci, I love and I see geometric shapes everywhere I go, they are also found in my Street Photography too. Here are some of them today in the ArtScience Museum.